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Manchester Maildrop & Accommodation Address


Looking for a virtual or registered office in the UK? We can receive your mail and small packages on your behalf. We either forward them to you, or hold them for your collection.


Manchester Maildrop & Accommodation Address



Manchester Maildrop & Accommodation Address

We are a small, professional mail handling business that has been in business almost fifteen years. We are used and recommended by expats, business people, PT’s and privacy seekers from all over the world who value our discretion and confidentiality.

Some people call us a mail drop (maildrop), some people call us an accommodation address, virtual office, mail receiving service or a re-mailing service. We don’t care what you call us, as long as you understand what we can do for you.

If you use our service, our street address will become your address. Your letters and small packages will arrive in our office, and from there you will either collect them, or have us bundle them up together and send them on to you in one plain package. Want us to receive some faxes? Want us to receive some telephone calls? No problem.

We are based in Hyde in Cheshire, which is on the eastern outskirts of Greater Manchester.

Is it Expensive?

Every client is different. Every client wants different services. Some people want us to receive mail only, and wait for them to collect it in person. Some people have one letter a month, and some people have a whole sack full every week.

The way we work is that we start with a base rate of just 20 per month. (Which is about $33 or €24) This is discounted if you take out service for a year – and pay in advance – to 200 (Which is about $320 or €230). This buys our basic mail and fax receive and hold service. If you want us to repackage and forward your mail to you anywhere in the world, you just pay the postage costs on top. It is our intent that you choose any further services you want as and when you need them. Think of us like a buffet – just take the services you want.

Manchester Maildrop & Accommodation AddressOur base rate is just 20 per month. You can take out one month or one year. We are completely flexible in this regard.

Manchester Maildrop & Accommodation AddressWant your mail sent on to you? Just give us a little extra money on account to pay the postal charges. Most people leave us with 25 – 50 at a time for this. When your funds are running low, we will let you know, and you can just top up as required.

UK maildropWhat about other services? You can use us to send faxes, liaise with couriers, take telephone calls, etc. In fact, you would be surprised the different things people ask us to do. Any extra services we perform on your behalf, we just deduct from your office petty cash balance.

UK maildropWe don't publish prices for extra services. If you want something above and beyond the standard service, just give us a call and we can discuss it. You will find us to be approachable and friendly.

Virtual officeUnlike PO Boxes, we can take deliveries of not only regular mail, but also DHL, Fedex and other couriers, and private deliveries of course.

PT Bill HillWe can offer a variety of payment methods to our clients. Speak to us and arrange the payment method that works for you.

Is it Really Confidential?

Every maildrop will tell you that they offer a confidential service. That does have its limitations in the real world. Let us try to explain this in more detail.

As a general rule, we operate client confidentiality. This means if nosey parkers come asking about you, they get nothing from us. You are our client; they are not. Nosey parkers would include the following: debt collectors, council people, bailiffs, TV licence people, utility companies, sales and marketing people, etc. Anyone asking impertinent questions about you will most likely encounter our tendency to suffer from spasmodic bouts of amnesia.

It is not our intention to assist people with anything criminal. If you are seeking an accommodation address to commit crime from, go and find another one. We must submit what information we hold to Police Officers with suitable court orders or warrants. No maildrop can resist a court order, whatever they may tell you.

Other Useful Information

Mail servicesOur mail receiving service enables you to project a professional image, and be confident that you will receive all your messages and mail whilst appearing to have a permanent presence at our address.

Cheshire Mail ForwardingWe are based in Hyde, SK14. Just off the M67 and close to the M60. We do not publish our street address on this site as that would allow others to search for “your address” on Google, and find this site, and your privacy would be compromised.

Mail Office UKA second address means that you can run your home or business from anywhere in the world and we can even sign for your post in your absence. If you require a business address, our service is ideal for your needs. You will have a plain street address for your use. You do not even need to be living in the UK. We have expats and clients all over the world who to their private and business associates, appear to be UK based.

MAOSIt's easy, there are no giveaway “suites” or “PO Box numbers”, you just use your name/s and our address. Upon signing up, you are then eligible to use our address on all your company stationery, websites and other material such as advertising and marketing. You may also use our address for your companies registered office.

Hyde MaildropYou can use our address to register your cars with the DVLA. Your driving licence and motor insurance can all be channeled through us as well.

JerryA maildrop conceals your location and/or real name from any person, company, organization or government body that could potentially cause you legal, physical or economic harm. In today’s lawsuit happy society, where Big Brother is always watching you, the benefits of a maildrop should be clear.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have. In most cases, it is easier to telephone us rather than e-mail us. We are open Monday to Friday from 10am until 4pm. (GMT London time). Give us a call to get set up with your new mailing address.


428 193

Contact Manchester Maildrop, Accommodation Address & Office Services

Please contact Dennis or Phil by e-mail with any questions you may have:

Call Dennis or Phil on 0161 355 1327 (From Overseas: +44 161 355 1327)

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